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    Leading for over 50 years

    IPS Group began as Insurance Personnel Selection in 1969 and we provided a professional recruitment service to the London insurance market. Over the years we have expanded and now have specialist recruitment teams in place for financial services jobs, finance jobs, actuarial jobs, IT jobs, executive jobs, loss adjusting jobs, pensions jobs, secretarial jobs and call centre jobs. We also offer a legal recruitment service and for legal jobs in the UK regions we have our Anakin Seal division. In each of these sectors, we believe we have become one of the best known and most respected recruiters.


    Where it all began

    Insurance Personal Selection started trading as of 1st Jan 1970 after being incorporated in late 1969.

    By 1977 the team had grown to 12 and IPS had moved their operations to Lloyds Avenue.

    In the News

    Average national uk Wage was around £1,792 a year.

    First man landing on the Moon (1969)

    The mobile phone invented (1973)

    Elvis Presley is found dead (1977)

    In the News

    Average national uk Wage was around £13,760 a year.

    The English Pound Note ceases to be legal Tender (1988)

    Tim Berners – Lee invented the World Wide Web (1989)

    The first episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired (1990)


    Taking Control

    In 1988 the business was purchased by Blue Arrow who was subsequently acquired by Manpower in 1989.

    After growing to a team of 35, 4 directors along with a number of employees completed a management buyout of IPS Group from Manpower in 1990.


    Growth Spurt

    Following the successful management buyout, emerging from a painful recession IPS Group grew from strength to strength. In 1991 we opened our first regional office in Birmingham, followed by 2 acquisitions.

    In 1995 IPS Group acquired Forsythe & Kayee, a specialist Financial recruitment firm based in Leeds.

    In 1998 IPS Group acquired Anakin Seal Legal, a leading specialist Legal recruitment firm with a presence in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.

    In the News

    Average national uk Wage was around £17,470 a year.

    Prince Charles and Princess Diana separate (1992)

    Toy Story was first feature-length film to be entirely computer-animated (1995)

    The Search Engine Google is founded (1998)

    In the News

    Average national uk Wage was around £21,700 a year.

    Businesses around the world were in fear of the Y2K problem and the millennium bug. (1999)

    Queen Elizabeth II's celebrates her Golden Jubilee (2002)

    The video-sharing website "YouTube" was founded. (2005)


    IPS go Global

    After years of running successful businesses across the UK, in 1999, IPS Group opened their doors for the first time across the pond in Chicago, run by an ex IPS Group UK Employee, James Evan-Cook. Between the years of 2005 and 2006 IPS expanded into Asia, opening offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.


    Surviving the Storm

    After the great recession hit in 2008, things were in total chaos across the UK, let alone in the Insurance and Recruitment sectors. Despite all this uncertainty, everyone at IPS Group stuck together and worked through to ensure the business achieved a profit for the years following the crisis.

    In the News

    Average national uk Wage was around £20,801 a year.

    LinkedIn were breaking boundaries in online business networking (2008)

    The worlds tallest building Burj Khalifa 2,716ft high with 160 floors opens in Dubai (2010)

    The Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William takes place in the UK (2011)

    In the News

    Average national uk Wage was around £27,600 a year.

    The UK public voted to leave the EU in the Brexit Referendum (2016)

    Donald Trump completes his first year as President of the United States (2017)

    England win the Cricket World Cup for the first time (2019)


    Time for a Change

    In October 2015 Anthony Chitnis took over as Managing Director of IPS Group. Anthony has been with the company for over 30 years.

    In December 2018, the board welcomed Dana Hill and Richard Ballard


    The Future

    The world of recruitment has changed significantly in the last 10 years. However, the overriding objective of the IPS Group has remained the same: to find and introduce the best talent to our clients and also the best career options for our candidates.

    Our future will be to contribute to the inevitable further changes in our specialist markets by continually building and advising our network of the best candidates who are looking to develop and fulfil their career aspirations. As experts in our fields, IPS Group consultants will continue to help with our clients’ strategies by delivering the best solutions for their recruitment plans whether permanent or interim, contingency or retained search. Our aim is to be the best recruiter in our target markets including insurance, financial services, legal and finance.

    Fundamentally, our success is built on the high quality people we employ in our business. We encourage everyone to keep expanding their knowledge of their specialist markets as well as those talented people working within them. In a challenging and a demanding environment, our consultants will benefit from the support of a growing company in developing their own career ambitions as well as enjoying the success that comes in a meritocratic, respectful and diverse environment.

    The world of recruitment will change substantially again over the next 20 years. IPS Group will want to be at the forefront of that change still delivering the best recruitment solutions for our clients in a more technologically-driven environment but one where our consultants can add definite value by retaining the human and consultative aspects of the recruitment process. Not without some risk, the challenge of being a professional recruiter is both exciting and fundamentally rewarding both in the hustle and bustle of a normal day or more importantly as a long term career.