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Anthony Chitnis - 30 years with IPS Group

At IPS Group we believe that the best way to help people find jobs that suit them and their career goals, and the best way to understand a business and its staffing needs, is to employ consultants who build long lasting relationships and extensive understanding of the industry through years of experience. This is why we work hard to retain our staff and create a family atmosphere within the business.

To mark his anniversary we thought we’d take some time to tell you a little more about Anthony and his time at IPS Group:

Anthony Chitnis
Name: Anthony Chitnis
Position: Managing Director
Specialisms: Life, pensions, employee benefits, executive compensation, actuarial, investment – I like to keep my options open
Joined: 16th May 1988
Number 1 single that day: “Perfect” – Fairground Attraction
Top grossing film that year: Rain Man
This month in 1988: The first group of sixteen-year-olds sit General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations, replacing both the O-level and CSE

How did you come to join IPS/what attracted you to the company?

I needed a job after travelling and was recommended to see 3 recruiters. One of them was not interested, one of them secured me an interview with a reinsurance broker and the third, IPS, offered me a role and convinced me to cancel a 2nd interview with the broker. Janice, my first manager, was a brilliant first teacher of recruitment. Good at her job, fun to work with and keen for me to succeed.

When you started at IPS, did you think it would be your job for life?

Absolutely not! I was not thinking that far ahead. I needed cash to build my ‘travel fund’ for my next adventure and IPS convinced me I could make good bonuses quickly. They were right and I am still planning the next trip! The MBO from Blue Arrow/Manpower happened in 1991 and that was too good an opportunity to miss.

How much has the role of a recruiter changed in your 30 years?

Fundamentally, the role has not changed. It is the way we operate which has changed massively. We had no mobile phones, no email, no social media, no coffee shops or none where you would meet people willingly, CVs were generated on typewriters with tippex for mistakes. To contact people, we had work phone numbers only in the day and landlines when people arrived home in the evening. There were no Talent Acquisition teams to compete with and there were nothing like the number of recruiters in the marketplace as now. Employees were allowed to smoke in the office (quite wrong) and suits and ties were compulsory for men (quite right!).

Best memory at IPS?

Genuinely too many to list. A cliché to say the people but true. We have had many characters in the company over the years who have been a pleasure to work with and learn from. Our company trip to Paris on the Eurostar and hiring a proper gastro restaurant for lunch for everyone in the business stands out and was great fun. Hopefully, we can do this again in the not so distant future.