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Corporate Social Responsibility

IPS Group are pleased to fund an active CSR Scheme which enables us to support many client charities during the year. In addition, we offer staff one day's paid time to take part in a charitable event, fund raising or volunteering. We periodically hold in-house fund raising events and our modest Fund enables us to quickly lend our support when world-wide disaster strikes.

This festive season, in lieu of sending Christmas cards, IPS Group are proud to support MIND and The Stroke Association. Here is a brief word on their endeavours:



Over more than 60 yrs Mind have worked to improve the lives of all people with experience of mental health problems. Through public campaigns, government lobbying and the more than 1,000 services delivered in communities across England and Wales, they have touched million of lives.

The Stroke Association


Every year there are approximately 152,000 strokes in the UK. Most people affected are over 65, but anyone can have a stroke, including children and even babies. The Stroke Association provides a number of vital support services across the country to help those affected by Stroke to regain their lives. It believes in the power of research to save lives, prevent stroke and ensure people make the best recovery. Research funded by the Stroke Association has the ultimate aim of making a stroke a preventable and treatable disease, and improve the quality of life for people affected by stroke.

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